Prime For Life – Limited Lifetime Powertrain Coverage


Get Peace of Mind with Prime For Life!

If you are going to have maintenance done your vehicle, Prime’s Limited Lifetime Powertrain Coverage Program gives you coverage for life. Available on all of our vehicles – new and pre-owned – our loyalty program will cover the cost of some of your most expensive repairs from your engine, drive train and transmission!


Eligibility Requirements:

  • All manufacturer recommended oil and filter, transmission fluid and tire rotations performed at Prime.
  • Service is performed within 1,000 miles of the recommended manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.
  • Must maintain record of all maintenance services performed.
  • Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for manufacturer recommended maintenance services and service intervals.

To find out more about our covered parts as part of our limited warranty, or for a list of your manufacturer recommended maintenance services, contact your Prime Service department today!