Prime Price Promise

We Eliminated Game Playing Found at Traditional Dealerships

At the Prime Motor Group, we firmly believe that purchasing a new vehicle should be a fun experience. Because haggling with auto dealers is rarely anyone's idea of fun, we decided to completely eliminate it from the formula. Thus, what we call "The Prime Price Promise" was conceived. With "The Prime Price Promise", we validate our pricing by utilizing trusted 3rd parties, and, to give the customer a frame of reference to understand how our prices and trade appraisal figures compare in the marketplace. By giving you a real market data we will save you time and allow you to negotiate with the confidence that you are getting a great deal!

Stress-free Auto Shopping and Peace of Mind

Providing you with an enjoyable auto shopping experience is our Prime objective. Over the years other car dealers have stressed out customers by playing games, withholding information, and outright lying. At Prime, it is our goal to earn the customer's trust by using real market data and information to assist the customer in choosing Prime as part of an informed decision.

In addition, every car at Prime comes with the Prime Peace of Mind; a guarantee that if you weren't satisfied with your purchase you can return the vehicle within 48 hours and get your money back without a hassle. And on used vehicles sold at a Prime dealership, you can return your vehicle within 30 days or 750 miles and exchange it for a different vehicle of the same or greater value (some restrictions apply to Prime Peace of Mind)

Simple, Transparent, and Up-Front Financing

Customers told us fair financing terms up front would make the buying process more gratifying. You told us, we listened. You will receive an average store interest rate on any vehicle you're interested in; no filling out personal credit applications and no pulling personal credit ratings until you decide on a vehicle. Whether you're leasing or purchasing, you can choose from dozens of lending institutions for your financing needs and choose the one that works best for you; how's that for Fast, Fair and Simple!

Trading a Vehicle With Us Couldn't Be Simpler

Information is power. That's why we have chosen to give the customer a powerful tool from called Trade-In Marketplace. Our evaluator will make you a part of the process and show you how our numbers compare to the marketplace on Whether you decide to buy a vehicle from us or not, our evaluator will make you a fair, up-front offer for your vehicle. To ensure that you get top dollar for your trade, we will ask you to accompany our vehicle evaluator on their evaluation of your vehicle.

So to get started click here and enjoy!